LFM116 Top Label Paper - FSC 75 g/m²

High white, FSC-certified, uncoated paper. It is produced from fibres, sourced only from sustainable forestry.

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Article Width in Inch/DIN Width x length Packaging quantity Order multiple Remark
99671440A0841 mm x 100 m1 Roll1 Roll7707B010AA
99671410 914 mm x 100 m1 Roll1 Roll7707B009AA
97003470A3297 mm x 175 m2 Roll1 Box7707B025AA
97003471A2420 mm x 175 m2 Roll1 Box7707B026AA
97003472A1594 mm x 175 m2 Roll1 Box7707B028AA
99671844 620 mm x 175 m1 Roll1 Roll7707B017AA - Not compatible with CW550/CW600/CW650/CW650PP
99671047A0841 mm x 175 m1 Roll1 Roll7707B004AA
99671840A0841 mm x 175 m1 Roll33 Roll7707B016AA - Unboxed Full Pallet
99671401 914 mm x 175 m1 Roll1 Roll7707B008AA
97003473 297 mm x 200 m2 Roll1 Box7707B029AA
99671303A2420 mm x 200 m1 Roll1 Roll7707B006AA
99671307A1594 mm x 200 m1 Roll1 Roll7707B007AA
99671552A1594 mm x 200 m1 Roll30 Roll7707B030AA - Unboxed Full Pallet
99671704A0841 mm x 200 m1 Roll30 Roll7707B014AA - Unboxed Full Pallet
99671862A0841 mm x 200 m1 Roll1 Roll7707B018AA
99671148 914 mm x 200 m1 Roll1 Roll7707B005AA

Compatible laminates

Listed below are the compatible laminate categories. If you would like to request a quotation please check the related products and confirm your choice by selecting the request quotation button.

QualityProduct descriptionSubstanceSpecs
Cold Laminates
DOL1460Avery Cast vinyl Laminate Gloss, permanent30 µm
DOL2460Avery Polymeric Laminate Gloss Perm.80 µm
DOL2470Avery Polymeric Laminate Lustre Perm.80 µm
DOL2480Avery Polymeric Laminate Matt Perm.80 µm
DOL2860Avery Polymeric Laminate Gloss Perm.80 µm
DOL2880Avery Polymeric Laminate Matt Perm.80 µm
DOL3460Avery Monomeric Laminate Gloss Permanent80 µm
DOL3470Avery Monomeric Laminate Lustre Perm.80 µm
DOL3480Avery Monomeric Laminate Matt Perm.80 µm
DOL4000Avery Cast vinyl Cristal Clear50 µm
DOL4300Avery Clear Polyester Laminate Gloss, permanent23 µm
DOL6460Avery Clear Polyurethane Laminate38 µm
FIN963Cold Economy Lamination Film Gloss70 µm
FIN973Cold Polymeric Lamination Film Gloss70 µm
FIN982Cold PVC Lamination Film Matt Grained100 µm